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PANATTA: PASSION, STYLE AND INNOVATION. Panatta is a market-oriented company, founded on principles of qualitative excellence. A point of reference for technical innovation, style and emotion.

Imagine, create, and distribute Fitness products and services that are built for the satisfaction and success of our customers. Offer cutting-edge solutions that will contribute to an enhanced quality of life for the community. Panatta works towards spreading the importance of movement in enhancing the quality of life. A community awareness-campaign that also materialises in a bidirectional collaboration with Universities and Public authorities.

Innovation for our company does not simply mean creating new products, but it also means to create new market trends, with style and emotion. With our ideas we create emotion by presenting dynamic and involving fitness experiences. We convey the importance of movement at every level.

The Panatta style, class embedded in the design. The aesthetic component is our distinguishing factor. When you choose Panatta you are embracing our passion for a design that is always unique and unexpected.



For Panatta Made in Italy means: design, beauty, qualitative excellence, craftsmanship and extreme passion.

Our equipment is designed, produced and tested in Italy. It is a result and an expression of an Italian concept characterised by product and production processes innovation, by taste, and by passion. Panatta is the craftsman of fitness, allowing the customisation of the machinery based on the customer’s need.

This means Love for the territory that hosts us and watches us grow. Panatta covers an area of over 20,000 covered square meters. Our everyday activities and events are intertwined with the territory, generating wealth, culture and fun.

This is our strong value that has grown in time and is always preserved, through specialised and in-depth scientific research.


The Customer

The company’s aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers. The customer is the heart of Panatta, a company that listens to the market and receives feedback from it. We work toward becoming partners in the success of our customers.

Innovation and Creativity

Panatta is ideas in motion. New solutions for fitness. Innovation in order to grow with our customers.


Our equipment interacts directly with the human body, and as such it must guarantee ultimate safety standards and biomechanical perfection. We want to be responsible not only of our success, but of other people’s wellbeing as well.


Panatta is a dynamic reality characterised by young professionals motivated to work in teams for integrated problem solving. We are truly convinced that this makes the difference.


We support all initiatives designed to protect human health and the surrounding environment. We avoid creating processes or products that create significant risks to people and the ecosystem. This point is guaranteed by our UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification.

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