Commercial Gym Equipment Brands - Panatta Australia

Commercial Gym Equipment Brands - Panatta Australia

Commercial Gym Equipment Brands

commercial gym equipment brands

Like technology, cars and clothing, commercial gym equipment brands get their reputation with reason. At Panatta, our gym equipment exhibits the very best attributes, which ensure that the materials will last, and be beneficial and safe for the user. If you are inundated with brand names, you needn’t worry. At Panatta, we can ensure that you are receiving a brand name that ticks all of the boxes. Any question you may have regarding the materials, nature and aesthetic of your new commercial gym equipment, can be answered by our team of professionals.


Made in Italy

Produced and tested in Italy, our equipment was designed and built with craftsmanship and endurance in mind. The care that is taken during this process is directly reflected in the final product. The process is dictated purely by the customer’s regular needs and requirements. Listening to the feedback, we have customised regular and common fitness equipment to provide ultimate usability. Such is the Italian way; our equipment is not only functional but also incredibly uniform and stylish. So, if you are to equip your gym with Panatta commercial gym equipment, you with have a matching aesthetic that provides the illusion of uniformity. With enormous facilities and capabilities we are able to place emphasise and resources in the direction and areas that need it most. With innovation as one of our highest priorities, our commercial gym equipment is at the forefront of gyms world-wide, meaning that you needn’t survey any other brands when considering a refit.


Trust & Ongoing service

We believe that the brand of choice should be Panatta, purely because of the product itself, but also the ongoing service we can provide. Commercial gym equipment isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a one-off investment. As technology advances, and trends in modern exercise change, you will require ongoing service to ensure that your gym is competitive and your commercial gym equipment provides the best service.

Buying commercial gym equipment requires trust, and with our team at Panatta, you can rest assured knowing that you will have access to all of the information you may need. When it comes to commercial gym equipment, working with a brand that aims to establish an ongoing relationship is paramount to the long-term success of your gym. Our professionals can keep you up to date with any new products or revelations with contemporary commercial gym equipment.

If the sheer amount of brands is causing you grief, never fear. At Panatta we can ensure that your gym has everything it needs to cater to every taste, fitness level and space. If you want a lasting relationship, a quality product and tested gym facilities, Panatta should be your brand of choice! To ask a question, or inquire about stock, contact one of our professional team members today!

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