Design a Commercial Gym That is Tailored To Your Environment - Panatta Australia

Design a Commercial Gym That is Tailored To Your Environment - Panatta Australia

Design a Commercial Gym That is Tailored To Your Environment

When it comes to finding the right gym equipment for your gym’s environment, many think that standard commercial gym equipment is the only way to go. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The right professional gym equipment can be subject to a range of modifications in order to suit the environment or your gym circumstances. This is a brilliant way to ensure your gym is tailored to suit your specific environment, and therefore, make the most out of your new gym design.
At Panatta Gym Equipment, we pride ourselves on always going above and beyond! Our gym equipment can be modified to suit your gym niche, whatever it may be. Whether that be changes made to increase safety, or functionality, our team of gym equipment experts have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your new gym fit out is everything required to suit your needs.

Different Modifications Available:
At Panatta Gym Equipment, some of the modifications we offer involve the anchoring of machinery to ensure they are permanently stable and cannot be moved. This is a popular choice for those looking to create a fitness centre in a detention centre, as certain areas of the gym equipment cannot be removed and used in a harmful way; ensuring safety for all inmates.
We also have the ability to eliminate some of the additional components to ensure that there are fewer steel parts of the machines and more coverings, adding protective elements. This can add comfort, and in turn, extend the lifespan of the equipment!

When creating a fitness space, it is important to think about the environment in which it will be situated in. This is because certain areas, such as detention areas, require additional safety measures to be made to the equipment. This is done to ensure that the detention centre residents can use the equipment, without it posing as a potential safety hazard.
We also offer a range of colour modification options to ensure that your gym equipment keeps with the aesthetic of your space. We can also embed your company logo on your equipment to enhance uniformity.

Safety Should Always Be A Top Priority
When it comes to providing certain environments with commercial gym equipment, safety should always be at the top of the priority list. At Panatta, you can rest assured that we will provide you with gym equipment that will not only provide you with your desired aesthetic but also ensure that the highest safety measures are met and put in place.

If you’re looking for a premium commercial gym equipment solution with the first-class service, look no further than the Panatta Gym Equipment team. Call today!


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