Functional Layout, and professional design to complement your new commercial gym - Panatta Australia

Functional Layout, and professional design to complement your new commercial gym - Panatta Australia

Functional Layout, and professional design to complement your new commercial gym

Functional layout and design

There is a lot that goes into a commercial gym fitout, and one of the most important factors is ensuring that you use gym equipment that is durable, functional and works with the space you have. In order to ensure that your commercial gym space can work well for both business and the comfort of the exercise enthusiasts that may find themselves in there, it is important to consider a professional commercial gym fit out.

At Panatta Gym Equipment, we place emphasis on offering our clients products and design options that are unique to space and proposed a function of the commercial gym. If you are thinking about handling this process yourself, we are here to tell you just what a commercial gym fit out is essential.


A commercial gym fitout will take the products you need, and organise a functional and safe arrangement that uses the space in the best way possible. This may be considering walking space, space between machines so people can work out in peace, or ensure that certain aspects of Panatta Gym Equipment are placed in close proximity to one and other.

When it comes to a commercial gym space, there are certain considerations that need to be made, that involve the placement of equipment. This is for ease of use for the client. For example, equipment concerned with similar muscle groups will be placed in cohesion to avoid unnecessary foot traffic.


There are vital considerations that need to be made during a commercial gym fit out that is concerned with safety. There are specific regulations that need to be adhered to regarding safety. This may be clearances from walls or access to fire exits in the event of an emergency. Knowing what equipment you want is one thing, but at Panatta, we can assure that all the equipment is also adhering to Australian regulations once installed.


You may not think about this aspect, but a commercial gym fitout must consider visual design as well. For many, the gym needs to be an inviting place for its patrons, and this is also an important consideration during a commercial gym fit out and design. This may be ensuring that all of your new machinery is matching a certain branding, or that there is enough space for socialising and stretching. All of these aspects affect the final gym equipment arrangement.

Commercial gym fitout is a careful and precise process. At Panatta Gym Equipment we can guide you through this process, by helping you select different products and helping you design a layout that suits your space and intended function. For high-quality products, professional advice and flexibility, contact Panatta gym equipment today.

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