Feeling Overwhelmed With Your New Commercial Gym Design? Panatta Can Help! - Panatta Australia

Feeling Overwhelmed With Your New Commercial Gym Design? Panatta Can Help! - Panatta Australia

Feeling Overwhelmed With Your New Commercial Gym Design? Panatta Can Help!

When it comes to creating a new gym, you need to think about how functional your commercial gym will be for your clients. An important aspect of this is the overall layout of your fitness space. Taking the time to design your gym’s space carefully will not only create a functional space for your clients, but it will also create an inviting environment for your new members.

Your gym’s layout comes down to ensuring you have designated spaces for certain areas, a spacious feeling with adequate traffic flow, various machines and a good colour scheme are core factors to your member’s satisfaction and your membership sales.

At Panatta Gym Equipment, we are and have been committed to providing our clients with premium gym solutions for a number of years. We understand the importance of ensuring your gym space is practical, which is why we proudly offer a professional gym layout and design service. This service will allow you to create the gym you’ve always wanted while ensuring you are meeting the key requirements for a successful fitness space.

If you’re designing your new commercial gym and looking for some guidance, Panatta are here to help! See our top tips below:

Start From The Ground Up!
Different zones of your gym will require varying flooring thicknesses. So, when it comes to your gym’s flooring, it is highly important that you take the time to research and choose a flooring solution that is dependant on your equipment zone.
A good example of this is to choose a soft and comfortable flooring solution for your functional fitness zones, as people are more than likely going to be doing stretching and floor work here.
However, your function zones that incorporate free weight sections will require a specialised free weight flooring to avoid damages in the future.
Luckily for you, at Panatta we do much more than just supply our clients with premium commercial gym equipment, we also offer a first-class gym flooring service. Our professional team will be able to assess your gym layout and come up with a flooring solution perfect for your new fitness space!

Zoning Your Equipment The Right Way
When it comes to creating a gym that is both functional and attractive, your equipment layout plays a major role in your success.
At Panatta, we have a team of professional and dedicated gym equipment professionals that can help you create a gym design and layout that will see you make the most of your space. Working together we will be able to create a space that will be useful to your client’s needs. We also use state of the art design software which will allow you to visualise your gym design in a realistic setting.

Be sure to get in contact with Panatta Gym Equipment today to start designing the gym you’ve always wanted!

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