How to Make The Most Out Of Your Commercial Gym Equipment - Panatta Australia

How to Make The Most Out Of Your Commercial Gym Equipment - Panatta Australia

How to Make The Most Out Of Your Commercial Gym Equipment

When it comes to making any investment, you want to ensure you are getting your money’s worth and making the most of it. So why should it be any different when it comes to your commercial gym equipment?
Completing a new gym fit out can be an expensive task, and so it’s only natural for you to want to ensure you’re making the most of your investment. Not only for yourself, but for the overall quality of your gym.
At Panatta, we believe in providing our clients with value, which is why we offer a 3D design service, finance and trade-in services to ensure that your new gym equipment is going to keep you happy for years to come!

Keep reading to discover the ways Panatta Gym Equipment will see you make the most out of your new investment:

3D Design Service
When it comes to designing a new gym, taking the time to plan and carefully think out your gym layout is paramount to making the most out of your equipment. At Panatta, we proudly offer our clients a 3D specialist design service.
Here our professional team will listen to your wants and needs, to help you create a gym layout design that is everything you envisioned. Our specialist software will allow you to see your commercial gym equipment laid out, and asses whether it will work well for your clients and the way you want to represent your gym.

Regular Maintenance
Investing in regular machine maintenance will make all the difference to the lifespan of your commercial gym equipment. Think about it, your gym’s equipment is being used almost continuously all day every day, and so it’s bound to experience wear and tear from time to time. Investing in a professional maintenance schedule will ensure that you are taking a proactive, rather than reactive approach to your commercial gym equipment; saving you thousands in the long run!

Trade-in Service
Gym equipment can be costly, so why not make the most of your outdated machines with the Panatta trade-in service! This service will allow you to save money on new Panatta gym equipment. This process is easy and convenient; our install team will simply take out your old equipment and install your new commercial gym equipment in a smooth transition that will not disrupt the operation of your gym!

If you’re looking for a commercial gym equipment brand that will provide you with endless benefits, look no further than the team at Panatta. We have several years of industry experience and can assist you in creating the gym you always wanted. Call Panatta today!

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