Gym equipment that will give your commercial gym the advantage! - Panatta Australia

Gym equipment that will give your commercial gym the advantage! - Panatta Australia

Gym equipment that will give your commercial gym the advantage!

Commercial Gym advantage

In 2018, it is a positive to see that commercial gyms are just as common as fast-food. However, from a business point of view, it can be hard to keep up to date and ensure that your commercial gym, competes with others on the market.

At Panatta Gym Equipment, our product list is designed to give your commercial gym a strong advantage against competitive gyms, by giving you the chance to get all equipment in one place. With a comprehensive list of products and services, by using Panatta Gym Equipment, you can smash your competitors by providing the best exercise services possible.


One of the ways you can give yourself an advantage is to equip your exercise space with the very latest in exercise machinery. At Panatta Gym Equipment we place emphasis on keeping up to date with the trends in exercise, and any technological advancements that may improve our products. Throughout our journey, we have consistently supplied clients with products that are new, durable and most of all, incredibly beneficial for health and wellbeing.

By working with Panatta Gym Equipment, your commercial gym will be subject to the best, and most innovative, products on the market.

Cardio, cables and machines

While some gym equipment manufacturers and wholesalers focus on a single area of the exercise world, however, at Panatta Gym Equipment, we have it all. Whether you are creating a commercial space that is primarily focused on cardio, or something that uses weight-machines for stability, we can help. Nowadays, larger commercial gyms look to be inclusive of all different exercise enthusiasts, creating different spaces for different preferences; at Panatta Gym Equipment, we can help you achieve this level of depth.

Accessories and fitouts

While weights, treadmills and machines are the most popular items in a gym, there is so much more required to ensure that you are on the right path. We offer mirrors, flooring lockers and many other materials that are essential to a contemporary gym. Not only can we handle the implementation of exercise equipment, but we can also handle the entire fit out by giving you access to everything your gym will need! Smaller items such as dumbbells are also available in different size sets.

The best way to give your gym a functional advantage is to undertake the entire fit out and product selection process with one company.

To give yourself and your gym, a competitive edge, you should enlist the professional assistance of Panatta Gym Equipment on your next projects. Guide you through every step of the process; you can create a space in your image that is vastly beneficial to all people who may find themselves there. For more information about products, and how we can help you beat the competition, call Panatta Gym Equipment today.

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