Can modifications be made to Commercial gym equipment?

Can modifications be made to Commercial gym equipment?

Can modifications be made to Commercial gym equipment?

commercial Gym Equipment Modifications

Can modifications be made to Commercial gym equipment?
Panatta offers gym equipment modifications to suit your gym or fitness club requirements.

Customisation to suit your club branding

Panatta products can be customised in the colour of the frame and moving parts, with finishes ranging from metallic to solid colours, creating unique and extremely customised combinations.
Panatta gives you the opportunity to also change the colour of the upholstery and also embroider your logo branding into the padding allowing for unique fitness equipment that matches your corporate branding. Transform your gym with customised equipment, talk to us today.

Gym Equipment Modifications

We supply many different organisations including military, corporate and detention institutions around the world. Below are examples of the commercial gym equipment modifications that Panatta make to our machines to conform to safety regulations required by the prisons and other organisations. All moving parts are made safe so that they cannot be extracted in any way.
To adapt our machines to the regulations required by detention institutions, we perform a number of special commercial gym equipment modifications on both counterweight isotonic and our cardio fitness machinery. These changes are intended to ensure that no element of the machine can be removed ensuring maximum security and reliability.
Adjustable parts, such as seats and backrests are permanently anchored with external accessories such as grips and bars permanently anchored to the machine with suitable screw hooks. We replace function and cable knobs with special non-removable shutter knobs. Permanent anchoring of all pillars closing caps. All caps covering pillars and exercise arms are fastened to the machine. Elimination of external accessories such as water bottles holders and padding plastic covers. Covering casings permanently fixed to the structure.
Optional application of special paints to ensure maximum durability of the commercial gym equipment inside detention institutions located in desert and sea areas.

Weight Selector and cable Modifications

Panatta has developed a cable protection system that prevents its extraction throughout the range of movement. Isotonic counterweight equipment has a weight selector specifically designed for use inside detention centres. This gym equipment modification allows the selector to be stuck to the head counterweight with a chain length calibrated in such a way to allow full range of motion allowing the maximum load allowed by the machine.


To ensure Bars and grips handles are fastened permanently, our gym equipment modifications secure this with a carabiner screw preventing extraction.


The backrests are anchored to the pillar with a chain of adequate length to ensure complete excursion, allowing all the machine settings to be utilised. Panatta’s commercial gym equipment
modifications designed a special limit switch system which prevents the escape of the seats and leg rolls, allowing selection of all the settings.


To ensure maximum security and stability, the classic plastic feet are replaced by a special plate for fastening to the ground. Thanks to these gym equipment modifications special feet designed for detention institutions, the machines can be attached permanently to the ground. All the Panatta cardio machines are equipped with specific foil feet that allow the machine to be fixed to the ground.


The handlebars and seats of the bike are always blocked by a special chain which prevents extraction. The inserted chain presents a suitable length to allow selection of all settings of both
the handlebar and seat. In indoor cycling bikes, for safety, all straps are also removed from the pedals.
Talk to Panatta today about modifications to our products to suit your requirements.

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