How long does Commercial gym equipment last?

How long does Commercial gym equipment last?

How long does Commercial gym equipment last?

HOIw ling does commercial gym equipment last

How long does Commercial gym equipment last?
When you purchase new commercial gym equipment, it is important to buy high-quality equipment to ensure it will last many years and still look and function well. Commercial gym equipment should have a lifespan of well over 15 years if it gets regular maintenance, gym equipment can last many years past its lifespan.
Some of the biggest problems you can encounter for gym equipment is dust and sweat. Over time dust and sweat can cause damage to the metal parts and operation of gym equipment over time. Regular weekly cleaning including wiping down the equipment dusting of the frame and keeping the area clean can assist in avoiding equipment issues.
It is important that all moving parts such as the cables pulleys and shafts are lubricated weekly with the use of Silicone. Panatta Machines have been tested against the harsh environmental factors such as humidity, sweat and constant wear so that they are more durable strong and robust.
Benefits of Panatta Sport commercial gym equipment for your gym or fitness club

High-quality construction

Panatta utilises some of the best materials to ensure a high-quality product that will meet the demands of the commercial gym environment. Our gym equipment is designed, produced and tested in Italy. As a result, our machines are the choice for some of the world’s leading gyms and are a trusted name in the fitness industry.

The Panatta Warranty

For our strength equipment, we can offer 10 YEARS ON frame, 12 months on upholstery and 12 months on moving parts, we also offer replacement parts in the event any gym equipment is damaged by misuse or other reasons. For Our cardio equipment, We also offer 10 years on frame and 5 years on our belt and deck motor and inverter.


We recommend that all commercial gym equipment be regularly cleaned and serviced. Keeping the machines dust free and regularly wiping them down so that they are not coated in sweat, extending the life and operation of the commercial gym equipment.

Strength machines each week require Lubrication of shafts pulleys moving parts and cables of all machines, this will extend the operating life of the machine and ensure smooth operation.
Our range of Pinafarina and Fenix range of treadmills have a self-lubrication system requires no maintenance saving your business money and downtime. Panatta has service technicians that can repair gym equipment and regularly service your equipment so that it is always functioning well for your equipment so that it is always functioning well for your members to utilise.

Talk to us about a Panatta service schedule for your club.

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