Do you have special requirements for your gym? Talk to Panatta! - Panatta Australia

Do you have special requirements for your gym? Talk to Panatta! - Panatta Australia

Do you have special requirements for your gym? Talk to Panatta!

Equipment modifications

Every gym is different, and often the difference comes down to the people that will find themselves using the space regularly. If your commercial gym differs from the common franchise health club you see on every corner, and you want to ensure that your patrons will be safe and have a pleasant exercise experience, it’s time to let Panatta Gym Equipment help.

If you have niche requirements for your commercial gym relating to design and composition, it is our goal to bring your vision to life. Whether it is to create a more inclusive experience or for safety, there is a range of modifications and specific equipment sets we can provide you with.


There are certain commercial gym situations that require modifications to the space for safety. A common situation where this is required is in prisons. At Panatta Gym Equipment, we provide additional fastening to the equipment as well as all of the removable components with added pins and chains. This ensures that the equipment can be used with ease without the threat of it being used for weapons.

We can provide permanent ground fastening that will supply stability for the clients, as well as assuring that the equipment isn’t removed for whatever reason.


Flooring is a fundamental part to preserve your commercial gym, designed to endure shock, abrasions and moisture, gym flooring. At Panatta Gym Equipment, we can provide you with high-quality flooring, and also install it in the relevant area. If you have a special gym design in mind, we can help you overhaul a current flooring system and replace it. With flooring comes our inclusive services such as mirror and locker installation.

If you have an existing commercial gym, we can provide you with alterations if you which to add some character to the space!


At Panatta Gym Equipment, we can take it a step further by offering commercial gyms speciality gym equipment. One of the areas we accommodate is kids equipment. These children-specific pieces of gym equipment are designed specifically for small physical builds and to be incorporated into exercise-related games.

Gym equipment for children has a colourful finish and is suitable for larger health club facilities or different variations of play cafes. Our large range of these products gives you, as a commercial gym owner, the option to separate yourself from competitors by adding options for children while parents exercise.

At Panatta Gym Equipment, we can do our very best to deliver on any special gym design requirement you may have. If you need modifications, specific interior finishes or speciality equipment to give your commercial gym an edge over competitors, contact our team at Panatta Gym Equipment today.

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