Where can I buy Commercial gym equipment?

Where can I buy Commercial gym equipment?

Where can I buy Commercial gym equipment?

Where can I buy Commercial gym equipment?
Purchasing high-quality commercial gym equipment it is important to ensure it will last many years and still look and function well. Panatta Sport is a leading source of gym equipment worldwide with our Factory located in Italy, Apiro we have two warehouses in Adelaide and Sydney for our Oceania region. Panatta is exporting gym equipment around the world daily and has a headquarters and showrooms in most countries.

Benefits of Panatta Sport commercial gym equipment


Panatta machines are designed to work with the physiological planes of motion, giving a balanced and constant tension along the full range of motion. With Panatta commercial gym equipment you can adjust the machine according to your height and type by gas adjusted positioning for the correct human movement of the body.

Pre-load Lever

For physiological stress-free joints, we offer a Pre-load lever on our machines as well as counterweights to make lifted natural and the correct movement of the human body.

Customisation to suit your club branding

Panatta products can be customised in the colour of the frame and moving parts, with finishes ranging from metallic to solid colours, thus creating unique and extremely customised combinations. Panatta gives you the opportunity to also change the colour of your upholstery and also embroider your logo for extra branding into the padding. This allows for a final unique fitness equipment product that matches your corporate branding. Transform your gym with customised gym equipment, talk to us today.

Huge range of commercial gym equipment

with strength machines, cardio machines, functional training cages and racks, weight plates, dumbbells and much more Panatta can offer you a complete range of equipment to fit out your gym.

High-quality construction

Our equipment is designed, produced and tested in Italy. It is a result and an expression of Italian concepts characterised by product and production processes that are innovative. Panatta is the craftsman of fitness, allowing the customisation of the commercial gym equipment based on the customer’s need. We utilise some of the best components and materials to ensure a high-quality product that will meet the demands of the commercial gym environment.

2d and 3d layouts

Visualise your Gym’s layout in 2D & 3D so you can see just how your gym will look with Panatta commercial gym equipment. We can design your floorplan to maximise your space talk to us today about your space with Panatta commercial gym equipment.

Trade in and finance options

Panatta can offer you finance and trade in options so you can get your new commercial gym equipment fast. Financing or renting enables you to secure your equipment without having the hassle to come up with the whole amount. At Panatta we can trade in your old equipment, it’s an easy process, and our install team take out your old equipment and install the new equipment in a smooth transition that will not disrupt the training of your members. Speak to us today and find out how we can assist you with finance.
Panatta offers a clear choice over its competitors when it comes to design, value for money, the range of machines, quality and our machine biomechanics. Talk to us today about your commercial gym equipment requirements.

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